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One unified system to run your arts & culture organization

The tools you need to focus on your customers
Tessitura was created to enable sophisticated customer relationship management. See interactions from every area of your business, at each point in the customer journey. Through each centralized customer record, you can capture and analyze data across all areas of your organization.

The functionality you need now and in the future
Meet the moment with a solution that brings everyone at your organization together. With your customers at the center, Tessitura helps you deepen engagement, even from a distance. Now is the time to increase your organization’s efficiency to meet new challenges and opportunities, recover and reconnect, and continue to deliver on your mission.

Everything you need in one system
Tessitura meets the needs of every department with a completely unified solution that consolidates all visitor, audience, member, and donor information. Tessitura’s unique platform increases organizational efficiency, giving you more time to deepen customer engagement and connect with new audiences.

Ticketing & admissions
Tessitura makes it easy to sell any kind of tickets - general admission, timed admission, capacity-controlled ticketing, and tickets for seated venues. Easily create, sell and renew both pre-built subscriptions and flexible packages. Tessitura lets you make adjustments on the fly, from a simple discount promotion to rescheduling an entire production.

Flexible web approach
The online experience is an essential part of how your customers experience your brand. Tessitura lets you pick your approach to designing your ideal customer journey. As always, Tessitura charges zero transaction fees to you or your customers. From our hosted and managed platform to a fully custom solution, there’s an approach to help you meet your goals.

Tessitura Communities
Whether online or in-person, Tessitura Communities are the foundation of our network. We bring together passionate and supportive people from throughout the arts and culture industry to share practical knowledge and innovate the business of arts and culture.

Trusted Technology Partners
The Tessitura Preferred Providers Ecosystem is comprised of trusted third parties that provide services of value to the Tessitura Community and extend the Network’s reach.


Providers are vetted by the Network for credibility, including reference checks with Tessitura users who are working with them


Many providers offer favorable terms and pricing to the Tessitura community


Many services are integrated with Tessitura using the Tessitura API

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